Quotation1.png Stealing is not a crime..It's a forbidden art form that should be done professionally. Quotation2.png
Nyla to the Son of Rain

Nyla is the daughter of an Edenian named Tanya who is the daughter of an Edenian ambassador from the popular fighting game called Mortal Kombat. She is wanted rouge of Outworld who is infamous of stealing various valuable relics in every realm.



Nyla is a cunning and a rebellious edenian young theif who is willing to do many ways to get whatever she wants such as the riches of every realm making her the most wanted criminal in Outworld, but her cunning persona was a mask to her pain of Tanya's abandonment when she was a child and stealing is he way of coping her pain.

Nyla is also supportive and caring to Sagar because she also felt the same way of being abandoned when they are a child.


Nyla is a skinny young woman who possesses a tan skin, a milky white eyes and a black braided hair that reaches her back

Nyla wore an off shoulder yellow crop top, a yellow cloth that cover her leggings and a boots, her outfit is referenced to some early concepts of Tanya in Mortal Kombat XI.

She also comes up with nose piercing, a few golden accessories such as 2 necklaces and bracelets.





Her father was an Edenian who is a general however he died during a war with the Outworld making her orphaned. She didn't know her mother until she discover her father's hidden scroll which reveals her mother as it turns out it was Tanya, the daughter of the ambassador of Edenian, however she rejected her child for an unknown mission with Rain.


During her survival in harsh world of Outworld, she met Sagar who also had a same kind of suffering about their parent rejected them for a reason. So they made pact to survive the harsh world of Outwold by stealing jewelries


She see pets as a distraction.


Nyla despised anyone who gets in their way of her way of living


Despite Sagar had a bad feeling with Maika, she do fell for her. She apparently helped her to manage her insecurity.


  • Nyla is an Arabic name that means achiever or a winner
  • Nyla also despise earthrealmer.
  • She consider Krimson as a big idiot for being annoyingly protective to Maika even it was job.
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