Quotation1.png I despise living people which is very ironic because I am a living person myself. Quotation2.png
Oblio to Sarah

Oblio Carl is the great grandson of Aesop Carl or also known as the Embalmer from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. He is the rightful follower of Aesop's role and because of that he involve himself into a secret business.



Oblio is somewhat anti-social and curious when it comes of the concept of death and goth aesthetic. He is also a caring brother to Esther since she is the only one he cared mostly just because she was the closest and he also show more of his emotion than strangers.

If he began to get emotionally attach to someone, he will show his affection to that person.




Aesop has a lover before he left the manor however they are loveless to each other making them separated to each other, after she separated from him, her lover found out she is pregnant with his child, after giving birth to a baby boy, his lover left the the child in an orphanage which later adopted by an embalmer as well.

Years later, his son has a family of his own along with inheriting their embalming business, and then once Aesop's grandchild had a family, Oblio was the chosen one to be the next embalmer. One day when he read a dairy of his missing great grandfather, he realized that Aesop was not only embalming but putting countless homeless people into slumber which is shockingly inspired Oblio to do it he also involved his little sister on it to maintain Aesop's legacy.



Oblio was close to his family especially to his father Agnus who spoiled him due to him being Aesop's reincarnation and that spoiling was ignored.. Because of how he was showered with love by his parents his sister was distant to him and he didn't know why she act like that.


Jayden was his only person that he can trust especially with his secret business, he even helped him burry his "clients:


He had a crow named Ague which he adopted as chick


He is not comfortable around Vincent, the reason of his discomfort of the young noble is because his sister admire him and he sees Valden as a bad influence due to his arrogant and narcistic nature. That is also applied with Seo-Jun he even mocked his "work" as a boring way to "silent" people and this mockery give him urge to punch his face once which breaks his usual self.


Oblio began to develop feeling towards to Pythia but unlike her other suitors, he wanted to stop his unwanted feelings for her because she is already with someone else. He began to fond Sarah because of how nice she is and accepted him the way he is.. She is also the one who know his "Work".


  • Oblio is a short of Oblivion that means it is the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
  • He is always spending time in the graveyards to enjoy the presence of the dead people around him
  • Riley nicknamed him as the "dead man walking" , he also judged him for being a grim man.
  • Oblio likes roses mostly yellow roses.(His likeness of roses is referenced to Aesop's S tier accessory named as Remains of Yellow Roses)
  • Oblio hid also his talent on piano but he is a bit insecure about it. His favorite to play is the music called "The Fluttering Clouds"
  • He is a fan of reading William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
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