"You should always know.....a copy is always better!"

Omega Copycat
Gaming Series of Origins ...FusionFall
Gaming Parentage Err Lord Fuse?Seems legit.
Age Well,my brothers and sisters are roughly around the same age as me.Which means I'm the same age as them.
Alignment Antagonist.I'm a Fusion for crying out loud.
Roommate That Vortex person.
Victorious Moments Does conquering a planet sound good to you?Yeah me too.
Knock Out! Moments Giving up a Nano.It's not my favorite thing to do.
Favored School Subject Everything.
Least Favored School Subject None
Allies None
Nemeses Everyone.But then again,we can always replace them with Fusions.
Favorite Food Popcorn!


We have no idea WHY Kittie picked FusionFall out of all things.She could have picked something like Arcana Heart (*hint hint*) but she didn't.

This is probably Kittie's first character to hail from a shut down MMORPG that still is up in a way (FusionFall Heroes).

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