Quotation1 I ain't no ain't no ankle biter anymore daddy-o! Quotation2
Patricia's way of saying..

Patricia Agatha Stryker is the younger daughter of Kurtis Stryker and a younger sister of Finn Stryker, She is an Vintage Enthusiast.



Patricia is an extroverted girl which means she is great at socializing and also has anxiety when being left behind which causes her friendship a bit messy sometimes.


As the creator comes out in mind. She will appear to have blond hair that styled into a 1950's ponytail , a blue eyes and fair skin..She has a white blouse with polka doots, a belt with a ribbon behind and a red pladed skirt and a red high heels, she also has a red head band as well.



Patricia was the younger of the Strykers , she was born premature which makes her nearly having a visual impairment but she was one of the lucky ones who survived after birth. Finn was a very protective to her because of being nearly lost during her birth and she has a friendly rivalry with her youngst sister Robyn.


She has a best friend named Tiffany Burnside which she is close with since they where freshmen. Along with 2 unknown friends.


She had a Scottish Fold cat named Fell which she adopted after being in Game High .


She dislikes people who despise her 1950's lifestyle..


She rather be independent from boys since she enjoyed being single.


  • Patricia was diagnosed with Athazagoraphobia which is fear of being ignored or being left behing
  • Despite of having a 1950's lifestyle, she still uses modern technology such as smartphones.laptop and etc.
  • She was inspired by a youtuber named Jessica Vill due to her love in vintage aesthetic.
  • Despite the fact that Savory Jell-O is popular back in 1950's..She heavily disliked it because of how badly it combined in her taste buds.
  • Her favorite decades are 1950's to 1980's


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