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He's 5ft 11 inches(1.80 meters)with tan skin short and spiky brown hair blue eyes a muscular physique ruggedly handsome with a square angular face with a cleft chin squinty eyes while sporting a five o'clock shadow he also wears clothes similar to his father along with his necklace with Francis Drake's ring and tennis shoes.

Personality Edit

Patrick is dry humored, self educated, highly intelligent, extremely loyal to his friends and family, an everyman, sarcastic, daring, brave, adventurous, roguish, charming, Callous, he's also against cold blooded murder and execution also has a slight phobia of commitment rest of his personality is to himself.

Interests & Hobbies Edit

Patrick has an interest in Treasure Hunting just like his father before he decided to move to Archaeology Patrick has an interest in it to but he rarely does it.

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Family Edit

Patrick is the son of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher he's also the nephew of Sam Drake and the older brother of Cassie Drake and the relationships between them is alright.

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Patrick is single and he's try to keep it that way.

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Quotation1 Cassie Treasure Hunting is dangerous game and if Mom and Dad found I took you with me they'll flip! Quotation2
A conversation between brother and sister
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