Quotation1 Good Morning roomies, I made you a freshly baked brownies..I made it for myself...Oh Snickerdoodles I almost forgot..Call me Peter! Quotation2
Peter's introduction

Peter Christiansen is the nephew of Joseph Chirstiansen from Dream Daddy, he is the president of the Cooking Class and people rumored him to be a cultist due to his suspicious acts. Peter's side job is being a camp counselor of a unnamed camp somewhere in Maple Bay.



Peter was friendly and bubbly in general due to how he treat literally everyone like his close ones along giving them his baked goods and girls mostly attractive about him. He has also a bad sense of humor which anyone describe as he is like anyone's dad who constantly making lame dad jokes. Like his uncle he is also religious as he revealed that he is also join some youth clubs.

Behind his nice guy personality he is a bit obsessive to Sam which explains why he is very protective to her even she is not comfortable with it. He can't handle rejection whenever she rejected literally anything making him an emotional mess up after that. Peter can be menacing to anyone who flirts on his so called future lover.


Peter has a neatly done blonde hair, a fair skin and an ocean blue eyes.

He wore a light blue buttoned shirt with few buttons opened to reveal that he wore a white tank top underneath,a khaki pants with a teal sweater wrapped around his hips and a pink crocs.

Peter has few accessories, he wore his beaded bracelet with cross and a red band that indicates that he is a club leader of the Cooking Club.



Peter's family lives from the other side that is near in Maple Bay which makes it easy to visit his uncle, his parents are both youth workers which easy for him to join in any youth programs. He frequently visits his uncle from the cul-de-sac which both of them close to each other, he constantly helped him on his Bake Sales.


He is basically everyone's friend however he also close ones which is yet to be revealed.


Peter had no pet because he doesn't pay attention to it that much.


Depends on the people's treatment on him.


He is romantically obsessed with Sam Fairfield, he is overprotective to her and also didn't take rejection from her whenever she refuses anything he asked.


  • Peter loves to read H.P Lovecraft's work, his favourite ones was the Herbert West Re-animator and the Call of Cthulhu
  • Despite of love of various pastries, he despise Banana Bread.
  • Peter is a Yandere due to his obsession with Sam.
  • He is confirmed to be a cultist due to an unusual presence that is felt by Pythia ad Apollo
  • Majority of the mystical students hated him.
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