Piers Fazbear
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights At Freddy's
Gaming Parentage Freddy
Age Maybe 15 like my twin sister Penny.
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Dylan Phoenix
Victorious Moments be a singer like my father and scared the security guard.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by a protagonist is my weakness and lose my micro that will be the end for me.
Favored School Subject Queotology is easy for me like sister
Least Favored School Subject Gym for swimming i am a robot i hate water.
Allies Bunnito Rabbit is my friend.
Nemeses Do i said Warius because i don't really like him.
Favorite Food Pizza

 Piers Fazbear was the son of Freddy Fazbear and the twin brother of Penny Fazbear ...


Piers is a good singer, like his sister he like to sing, but he hate when someone is in his way..

Physical DescriptionEdit

He had dark fur skin like his sister, he wear a red bow tight and wear a black suit with  gray pants and black shoes on his feets with caramel weavy hairs and sun glasses .



He's the son of Freddy Fazbear and twin brother of Penny.


Bunnito Rabbit is his friends, he like be with him anyway.


he doesen't like warius, he found him to good to be a villain, because he's not only a antagonist but hero too.


he seem interested by Mare Nette, but he don't know if she had the same feeling for him.

Well it seem that he also catch the eye of Ballorina, but he seem oblivious to her feeling, because he doesn't notice her at all, because he's more focused on Mare Nette then her.

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