Piers Fitzgerald
Piers Fitzgerald
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights At Freddy's 2
Gaming Parentage Jereme Fitzgerald
Age 19 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Florian Scout
Victorious Moments Be with al my friends at the school is my victory moment.
Knock Out! Moments Lose everything i got is my worst Nightmare.
Favored School Subject Herology
Least Favored School Subject Gym
Allies Everyone
Nemeses Mean boys and Bullies
Favorite Food Pizza


Piers is a friendly boy, he very protector over his brother and sister, he do not want anything happen to them.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He had dark skin, he also have black hairs under his hat, he have brown eyes and wear a blue suit with black shoes on his feet.



He's the oldest son of Jeremy Fitzgerald, and older brother of Jeremiah Fitzgerald and Jeanne Fitzgerald, he's very close to his brother and sister.


Almost friends with everyone, he like talking to everyone.


Bullies and mean boys are his nemeses.


Well he do not have relation with any girl yet, but some girls at the school want to be his girlfriend, he do not know how to tell them how he feel, he's a little bit shy about the love, but he's still looking for a girl made for him.

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