Pixels and Polygons is an ongoing fanfiction by Lissamel123.

Disclaimer: Pixels and Polygons features a lot of world-building in terms of building up Game High. This includes staffing and other such lore. Lissa would like to say this is in no way canon with Draculaura.clawd's original vision of Game High (unless she decides to accept it as such), merely her own AU of sorts.


Through the woodland of doors and beyond the train tracks, the grand boarding school of Game High lurks, where children of famous (and not so famous) video game characters come to learn and grow. Simon Centifolia, a haughty but obscure son, finds himself upon the train embarking to such a place. He'll make friends, throw insults, pull all-nighters, and find out that even the best games have it's glitches...


  1. We Begin by Entering
  2. How Appropriate, You Fight like a Cow
  3. Prince and Slime
  4. The Perilous Princess Predicament
  5. Black Coffee and Determination
  6. Anything You Can Do
  7. Of Tricks and Treats
  8. Vanishing Act
  9. Somewhere Else Entirely
  10. Guilty Party
  11. Simon Says
  12. The Powers that Be
  13. A Fine Line
  14. The Possible Perpetrators
  15. Harold's Birthday
  16. Curtain Call
  17. Regulation
  18. Worth in Gold

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If you wish for your OC to be included, feel free to ask. Of course, I should clarify, they will not be major players. They'll have their cameos and speaking roles, perhaps something bigger in the filler or bottle epidode portions, but that's it. I'm sorry, but my narrative has already been planned, and only the six-man band are major players.

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