Quotation1 Yay! I know you are my friends Quotation2
Poppy to her friends
Gaming Series of Origins Minecraft
Gaming Parentage Alex and Steve
Age 15
Pet(s) I owned a Pig and I call her Piggy Poo!
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Loretta Smith, she is nice and kind but when her nightmare took lure her. Sometimes I slept at other dorms..TBH! I feel sad about her future role.
Victorious Moments I like baking cookies and give it to the whole school, Also I also share my cake to my friends.
Knock Out! Moments I always chased by a Creepers without startling them.
Favored School Subject I love Herology and Weaponology.
Least Favored School Subject Science...No adventure, Science things sucks!
Allies Venus Wright is so nice to me and also her buddy Miyumi Fey. I also like Tavros Nivans, he is funny yet friendly and Chippy Chickers she is so cute and friendly.
Nemeses I hate Sally Muller.. For some reason!
Favorite Food I love Cupcakes and Cookies!
Favorite Beverage Watermelon juice with apple on top..
 Poppy is baking loing daughter of Steve and Alex, she is the newcomer of the school in order to follow her father's path.



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