Gaming Series of Origins Zelda series
Gaming Parentage Ravio and princess Hilda
Age 15 year old
Alignment Half antagonist
Roommate OPEN
Victorious Moments Well i like to be with all of my friends here in the school.
Knock Out! Moments Being tranformed into a wizard body
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject antagonist 101
Allies well all of the student who accepted me
Nemeses All the one who are enem with me
Favorite Food Vegan burger


she's is very beautiful and nice, she seemk to enjoy everything, but she does have antagonistic side from her mother she knoe that, but she doesn't like to be destined to do siomething she doesn't want to do, because she only want to have some friends to get along with.



well she is one of the child of ravio and princess Hilda, she like her parents since all of them was from the Zelda game serie, all she want its to be free with her family.


all; students who accepted her


She dosen't have any romantic feeling for a boy yet, because she doesn't to find the perfect one yet because she doesn't  know who will be the perfect prince for her, but she really want to date a boy who like her for who she is.

But Logan Baker have a crush on her, she doesn't see his feeling, because she doesn't really talk to him about it, and she seem really oblivious about it, because they are not from the same game, she doesn't really know why a child in horror game is interested by her.

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