'Come on Poppy, you can do this, they will see you as the nice princess, your Mum will be proud'

- Poppy talking to herself before taking her pledge

Princess Poppy
Gaming Series of Origins Mario Series
Gaming Parentage Princess Daisy
Age 16
Alignment Atagonist
Roommate Luna Star
Victorious Moments Um... I don't know.. I think that I love it when Luciano flirts with me, he tries to hard but it is so cute!
Knock Out! Moments People think I am just a popular princess girl, but then you get on my nerves and I will kill you. I can't control it..
Favored School Subject Fighting Princesses 101, what, a prncess can't always be a diamsel-in-distress
Least Favored School Subject Hi! I'm Daisy class, my Mum teaches it and she always embarasses me in front of my friends
Allies Luciano Bros, Luna Star and Marina Bros
Nemeses Prince Peachus II
Favorite Food Daisy Pie, mixed with Daisies and pie!

Princess Poppy is the daughter of Princess Daisy, from the Mario series.



Poppy has a kind of bad-rebellious and I-can-do-whatever-I-feel-like attitude. She has a crush on Luciano Bros, and he feels the same about her, both of them don't know that they love each other. Poppy is always embarassed by her Mum when she teaches 'Hi! I'm Daisy' class, telling her friends about when Poppy was a child and showing baby pictures. Luna Star is one of her best friends, Luna and Daisy are part of the same series. Luna and Daisy met on the second day of Game High, Luna's Mum knew Poppy's Mum, and after Luna came round with her Mum to Poppy's house, they both hit it off and became good friends. Marina Bros is one of Poppy's good friends, however Marina is not as happy with Poppy liking her brother. Marina has a crush on Prince Peachus II, but Poppy encourages her to not go out with him as he is a 'stuck-up-brat' and only cares for himself. Prince Peachus likes Poppy as a friend, however Poppy doesn't.


Poppy has her Mum's red, ginger hair. She has green eyes with red lips.




Pledge Day:


Players Break:




Her Mum loves her dearly, she loves to embarass her. She has a great connection with her Grandparents and cousins.


Luna Star and Marina Bros are her good friends, they have helped her, they are both from the same game as Poppy, and they are all Antagonists.


Poppy has a pet cat named, Sir Whiskkursus, that her Mum got hr for her birthday.


Luciano tries to flirt with her and she thinks it is cute, she has a crush on him, as he feels the same way.


  • Poppy's name came from another flower, as Daisy is a flower, the creator thought to make the Daisy family all flower related.
  • Daisy and Peachus are half-cousins however Daisy declared that they aren't. Peachus tries to impress Daisy and try and get them to be friends like they were when they were younger.
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