Chrissy wishes to perform her guitar solo on stage until she saw a Bulletin board that there was a Protagonist talent show.At stage,Chrissy was at the stage for the tryouts,she brought her guitar gifted by her parents."So Chrissy Redfield,What act are you going to perform for this talent show?"Mario said, so she began to play her guitar,"What a beautiful tone Mrs Redfield,it's suitable to your role.Why the tune was so beautiful"Mario asked"Well,Mr Mario,I spent my guitar solo for month"she answered with  a smile until Elliot began to interrupts her and playing his guitar"Practice is for loser!Oh!"he shouted infront of the principal.Chrissy anger began to burst as a volcano and grabs he's shirt"Shut up Elliot!!"she shouted infront of him.Elliot began to gulp.

Chrissy plays her guitar for Sam Blade,she listened happily until Elliot interrupts her as he plays his guitar "Oh!Yeah!".Chrissy plays her guitar for Penny and Leona and he continued interruots"Yeah!",Chrissy practiced at the Game Cafe,she began to practice while slurping her cold coffee and Elliot still continied to disturb her,

After Shinna's performance,Leon gave her an X,While Viewtiful Joe gave her a check and Haggar gave her an X."Next up,A guitar solo by Chrissy Redfield"Venus shouted infront of the audience and judges.Chrissy began to play her gutiar,all of the audience shoute"Chrissy was so Playsome"Ashley shouted"Not for long" Elliot began to slide  stage while playing his guitar"Boo Yah!!"he shouted at Chrissy"That's it!I am Protagonist but I have an antagonist side,but sometimes your gonna let your bad side out!!"Chrissy shouted as she play her guitar into rock music and transform into a rock rebel.All the audience cheers"That was very evil!!"Mario shouted"So practice always,pal"she began to smirk,Elliot began to play his guitar but fell offstage.All of the judges gave her a check.

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