First imagine Daydream and Nadir combined. Now imagine what's pretty much the exact opposite of that. That is Psyche. Hyperactive, cheery, bouncy, somewhat annoying, all of that. Psyche tends to be very emotional, to the point of overreacting a lot. Included in this is a trait of one of theirs, being that she tends to lash out and get aggressive, although she does return to her usual, bubbly state after snapping. ((TBC at some point))



Dark Mind doesn't seem to like Psyche too much, thinking of her as a failure of sorts, but she does try to please him, it's just... very unsuccessful.


Psyche seems to take great amounts of joy in pestering Daydream and Nadir, who she considers her friends, despite neither enjoying her presence. She has also a part of the unofficial 'Annoy Nadir' club with similarly peppy Quincy Clayton and the very affectionate Cliamain Aensland. She gets along quite well with her roommate, Lucinda, and would absolutely love to show her around her home world someday! Even if she can't say she'd want the same of Lucy's world, considering the other students from her game. They... don't quite seem to line up with Lucy's own tales, to say the least.


As stated prior, neither of her counterparts like her very much. She has also managed to get on Abigail Walsh's bad side through impersonating Daydream and going a bit too far. She's still trying to make up for that little incident.


Psyche takes after the eyeball in this category, being a romance and s[nah]-repulsed aromantic asexual.



  • Psyche does portray herself as feminine, but does not identify as female. She hasn't figured out the proper term for her gender yet.
  • Psyche's original design was entirely based on Daydream's, as Nadir didn't exist at the time of her design.
  • She really likes giving nicknames to people, no matter how distant they may be to her.
  • More likely than not, Psyche had a prefix of some sort in front of her name, probably 'Dark', or something akin to that. Whatever it was, she decided to completely drop it from her name.
  • She, like most Mirror Worlders in Jazz's headcanon, refers to those on the other side of the mirror (being the one that most games happen on) as 'Other Worlders', as to not imply that they are fake.
  • Psyche is aware of Abigail's crush on Daydream, and it amuses her greatly. She's not about to tell her counterpart about it any time soon, though. Despite trying somewhat to make up with her, Psyche thinks it's funny to make Abby squirm with that knowledge.
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