Quotation1.png Oh! My loving deity..Guide me with your ways so that I can able to face the dept of the unknown. Quotation2.png
Pythia prayer to her deity, Yog-Sothoth

Pythia Gilman is the granddaughter of Fiona Gilman also known as the Priestess from an Asymmetrical Game called Identity V. She is the apprentice of Apollo , the known fortune teller in Game High.



Pythia was a curious kind of a person, she is willing to expand her mind on any mysterious mystical entities around her, which this also leads to her being a risk taker whenever she becomes more curious of a certain entity, like how she investigate Peter's dark presence. Pythia can be stubborn sometimes if she felt what she did is safe or right.

She is also cheerful and kind whenever she is with her friends and she is willing to support them. Like her grandmother, she is very devoted to her deity.


Pythia looks like her grandmother, she had a pinkish-red hair that is concealed underneath her iris headscarf with gold lining, a forest green eyes and a fair skin.

Fortune Telling/In-Match Outfit

She wore an off-shoulder white blouse with puffy sleeves and golden lining,a heather long skirt that reaches her ankles that was layered with light blue and lilac clothing along with golden lining at the hemline and a rose pink dolly flats with golden lining once again and then a white flower on the toe cap.

As for her accessories, she had a horned headdress with pearls swirls around each horns, a golden carved headpiece wrapped around her forehead, a hooped earrings and a choker. She also has fer bracelets on both wrist and some anklets on both of her ankles.

Casual Outfit



After surviving the dangerous game, Fiona remain  her fate with her  gods TBA



Her family once a happy one but after her mother's death, her father began to forget her existence and despise her beliefs of her grandmother's "fictional" gods, because of how tired of her being verbally abused by her own father,, she began to run away to save herself.


Apollo and her are childhood friends , they treat each other like siblings and then later she is also his apprentice. Yvonne was also her close friend due to them being enthusiastic of anything mystical but Yvonne was a bit concern about the deity she praised as well as her relationship with Kin. Besides Apollo and Yvonne, she is also great friends with Erid Bourbon who often give her discounts on the cafe she worked with and she also supported her relationship as well.


She owned white snake named Ceres, who she found on the rocky part of the sea during her adventures.


She didn't the presence of Peter Christiansen, like how Apollo felt about him, she felt unusual with his dark presence. She is disliked Xiao not because she is a hunter is it because of her being "fragile" and often her relationship,


Pythia fell in love with an Osh-Tekk named Kinich. She sees him a cool warrior that she really like about as well as she consider as a rare steak of a dream man.


  • Pythia was named after the High Priestess of Apollo.
  • She was being called as "Moon" by Kin.
  • She is not a fan of tight clothing because of how it restricts her.
  • Pythia is a graceful dancer and loves to dance in every festival nights, according to Apollo.
  • She also worship a deity named Yog-Sothoth.
  • It is revealed that she is not a fan of technology even she has a phone of her own which only use it on contacts.


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