R. Convoy
Character Profile
Game That would be Splatoon! And the sequel.
Age I'm kind of teetering on 15.
Alignment Protagonist! I know I might not... look like it... but I am! Trust me I am!
Roommate I guess my brother counts.
Character Parent No matter what my brother tells you, we're Agent 3's kids. And yes I know what I look like.
Victory Moments '
K.O Moments I know there are... some people... who are a bit cautious around me but you really have no reason to be! I'm not going to turn on anyone! I don't see why I would anyway.
Favourite Subject '
Least Favourite Subject P.E. I'm not the biggest fan of swimming.
Quote "I get that this is world ending but do you wanna make something of it?"
Victory Friends My little bro for starters! ((Open to others!))
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The relationships between him and his parents are unknown but we can assume the relationship is somewhat stable. Though his parents are usually on business trips to a research lab with other squids. Though Roddy spends the most time around his brother. Rodimus is usually the one cracking jokes and trying to get his brother to cheer up, even if some attempts end up annoying him.

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Big bro by inkntuna-dbft6sb

R. is actually a hybrid (hybrids being a fan-made thing and are usually referred to as Inktolings or Inktarians). He just takes after his mother's side more.

His look, his quote, and even his name are all references to Transformers. More specifically the comic series More Than Meets the Eye (now Lost Light).

  • His first name is Rodimus (and he'd like everyone to call him that thank you very much).
  • His look is basically a more dummed down version of Rodimus Prime's holoavatar. You can see it here (though you might be a bit surprised):
  • His last name however is a rank usually featured in Japanese Transformers media. It was chosen due to being similar to the American "Prime" term.
  • His quote (or part of it) "Wanna make something of it?" is from the cover of issue #1 of MTMTE.

The reason why Roddy insists he and his brother are the sons of Agent 3 is because he's slightly ashamed that no one really would know who his parents are. His parents are just a normal Inkling and an Octoling.

In his family description his parents are said to usually go on business trips to a research lab with other squids. This refers to the Squid Research Lab or its Tumblr at least.

He's actually a character from my Deviantart account but I thought it would be fun to bring my characters here. But like as transfer students of sorts. They do exist in a Splatoon Gmodiverse though.

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