Quotation1 Why do people keep comparing me to Johnny Cage and Kung Lao? Quotation2
Raijin offended when people comment about his ego.

Raijin is the son of the thunder god Raiden from Earthrealm. One of the fighters from Mortal Kombat.



Raijin is a built tall young man with medium toned skin. He has white long hair and almond like white eyes with a light blue shade in them. He usually wears a type of ninja costume in white and blue colors, as well as some golden details on it. His arms are shown in this outfit which he likes since he can show "his guns". He also wears a straw hat like his father, although this is only used rarely.


Even though he's the son of a humble god like Raiden, Raijin has his ego up in the skies. He usually sees himself as one of the best fighters amongst the kombatiants and as the most handsome as well. Taking the role of his father to protect Earthrealm, he felt important.

Still, he also has a humble and kind side he usually shows with his cousin Sora. Only to him since he doesn't want to appear "weak."


In Game




Raijin has a really nice relationship with his father, after all, he takes care of him since he's now a mortal. Although, Raijin kind of feels bad for never knowing who his mother was, apparently she disappeared or something. Every time he asked Raiden about his mother, he just kept silent. Still, he feels grateful to his father for taking care of him.


His best-friend, partner in crime and cousin is Sora. They have a really strong bond that wil probably never be broken by anything. He also gets along with Kuan-Yin and Lixue since their parents were connected, but neither of them actually like him that much due to his constant flirting on Lixue.


He's not exactly his enemy, but Apollo is mostly like his obstacle to get together with Lixue. Raijin doesn't understand how Lixue prefered a weakling like Apollo over him.


Lixue is the "love of his life" since they were children, but plenty of times she has stated she doesn't want anything to do with him. After meeting Ithaqua, he was kind of creeped out at first due to his constant flirting. Once they started talking he realized he wasn't a bad soul, and a while after they started a relationship.


  • Raijin is 6,2ft tall and his weight is unknown.
  • Both Sora and him are really unaware of most of the lingo earthrealmers use on the daily.
  • Due to his white hair, people refer to him as "grandpa" or "old man".
  • He is trained in many different fighting styles like jujitsu, tae kwon-do, judo and nan chuan. He also is used to fight using whitish blue electricity.
  • Even though his father became a mortal, he was born a god.
  • Some people bother him saying that Cetrion is his mother, which makes him really frustrated. Still, he can't confirm or deny these rumors since he never knew who his mother was.
  • Even if he doesn't have a crush on Lixue anymore, she's still his friend. So he tends to look after her plenty of times.
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