Ramlethal "Blues" Sparks
Gaming Series of Origins Total Distortion
Gaming Parentage Sweet and simple,I have no parents.I'm just a Guitar Warrior.
Age Older than you
Alignment Antagonist,what part of "Guitar Warrior" didn't you get?
Roommate I have none.
Victorious Moments Unknown
Knock Out! Moments Let me tell you it's a real blow to the you know what stuff when someone brings up the facts that you have no parents.
Favored School Subject Music.No brainer.Just wish they had more tracks from Stevie Groovie...
Least Favored School Subject Combat.I know I said I'm a Guitar Warrior,but no one else here fights with guitars.
Allies I don't need friends.
Nemeses Pretty much everyone.It's my job to make noise.And your complaints fuel me.
Favorite Food I'm a sucker for coffee...


Bitter,bratty,and probably alone and mad about it,Ramlethal is well...xe is something.A wildcard isn't the term I'd use for xir.Maybe xe's the personification of rebelling teenagers.Quite strange for a Guitar Warrior.Xe's the kind who'd beat you up if you looked at xir the wrong way.To put it bluntly,Ramlethal's a butthead.A butthead who's a huge fan of Stevie Groovie.

Physical Appearance

Ramlethal looks like your standard Guitar Warrior,except smaller.And with a pompadour,and crooked horns.Yeah.


Xir nickname is Blues.Xe also has well,parent issues and xir hair is styled into a pompadour.It should be pretty obvious that xe is one massive referance to a Mega Man character.Personality wise,xe is pretty much like the Powered Up version of Proto Man.Angry and resorts to violence.Far from normal Proto Man.

Ramlethal shares xir last name with Joe Sparks,one of the guys who worked on Total Distortion.

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