Personality Edit

Ray's excitable. He's always pumped about the day and it seems like he doesn't really have bad days, at like, all. Not to mention the kid's a daredevil and lives to wow everyone with stunts that no one could survive. He's a crowd-pleaser, and that's probably due to the fact that his father is kind of... hated... Ray gets his dad's debut game was bad and he sounded weird but c'mon, he had to take out his entire family! Give him some slack!

Anyways Ray's a really good friend, even if he leaps into things recklessly and his tendency to drag people into his messes. He's also kind of a wisecracker and he does like having everyone laugh at his jokes. But he's also kind of snarky, which he gets from both of his parents. Ray can also be very sarcastic at times, which he gets from his other dad.

Physical Description Edit

Ray, like many of the MMX kids, looks like his dad, minus the scar. However his eyes are teal instead of green. His skin (or lack thereof) is tan and he has freckles dotting his face.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Ray loves both his parents with his core. Axl's still the goofball he ever was and that rubbed off on Ray. But so did his serious nature. There's also his other dad, a cyborg who fell in love with Axl a long time ago. He's more of the serious one but he does have a hidden side. But mostly Ray's other dad plays bad cop. Both of them work at Maverick Hunter headquarters while Ray's at school.

Friends Edit

So far 2 is his only friend, but more will be added. Their relationship is a lot more buddy-buddy than their parents relationship.

Enemies Edit

Lune. Just Lune. Given their parents' history together, which ended on the moon with Lumine whacking Axl in the forehead, breaking his helmet crystal and knocking him out, not to mention Lumine's sociopathy and wanting to wipe out the entire Reploid race save for the New Gens. Besides being the kid of the guy who wanted to commit mass genocide and following in his footsteps will earn you Ray's ire.

Pet Edit

He owns a dog-like Mechaniloid named Sugar. She's super sweet, loves her owner, and is a really good guard dog.

Romance Edit

Ray isn't big into romance. Or at least not at the moment.

Trivia Edit

Like his father, Ray was named after a band member. However, he was named after Aerosmith's guitarist Ray Tabano.

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