Here are some of the resources you could use while making your character.

Paint Programs and SoftwaresEdit

Here are a few programs that are alternatives to MS Paint. They work similar but have more (and better) features which are closer to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. However, unlike those programs these are free to use. You can download those two for the 30 day trial but after that you must pay.

Doll and Avatar MakersEdit


If you're feeling confident and you rather not use a base or doll maker, you could draw the traditional way, or digitally draw it yourself. 


Don't use dress-ups because saving a design that has been pre-made is considered plagirism. You could maybe use a base, or you could digitally (or traditionally) draw it yourself!


  • Since this is a gaming-based wiki, your characters must be the children of one of the characters from games and video games (heck, even computer games).
  • You could also make offsprings of Wii games and DS games too (like Super Mario, Kirby, etc.). 
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