Quotation1.png Can I get some chocolate cake? Please? Quotation2.png
Reuben trying to convince Antoinette to give him chocolate cake.

Reuben White is a descendant of Robbie, also known as Axe Boy. One of the many hunters from the survival asymmetrical game Identity V. He's part of the middle school affiliated to Game-High, but he is let inside the high-school campus due to all his peers being in high-school.



Reuben is a small boy with a thin body and a white cotton sack were his head is supposed to be. He wears a baby-blue cloak with a hood, a yellow striped white pajama top, navy blue shorts and yellow striped white fluffy socks. On his sack he has painted eyes made with black paint as well as a stitched smile (these adjustments were made by some of the hunters so that he felt more comfortable).

He's seen carrying, at times, a little brown teddy bear that has a red bow. He's also seen carrying an axe.


Reuben is a really adorable kid, as he is still really young. He's polite and really caring when it comes to the people he likes, as well as with adults. He also loves to play and is full of energy most of the times.

Reuben is also very emotional, he really doesn't like people talking bad about him or the people he cherishes. If he hears those type of mean comments, he will burst crying. Still with this emotional side of him, during matches he sees it as playing with people and isn't merciful. Even so, he will starts crying if someone says bad things to him during a match.


In Game




Reuben doesn't remember much about his family, he only remembers feeling happiness and love coming from them. According to Robbie, who managed to see everything from a distance, he had two loving parents and a loving grandmother. His grandmother, being Robbie's sister, treated him with all the love he needed and cried when he disappeared. Aside from his original family, he considers the other hunter offspring as his family. Since the others raised him, each en every one of them took care of him on the most part.


He doesn't know any other kids, but one of his best friends is Hugo's robot: Connie. They are playmates even if Hugo doesn't like that, but Reuben couldn't care less. He also likes the company of many of the female hunters as well as Tsubasa's and Levi's, since they are always taking care of him. Arania has those mom vibes as well as Ayi, Levi and Tsubasa. Antoinette, Guinevere and Xiao are more like his sisters. On the other side, Florencio and Arthur have those dad vibes with him. Míng, Charlie, Itha and Rodolfo are like his older brothers. Hugo is more like his angry uncle and Jake is also like his uncle, but the serious one.


He doesn't really have enemies, but there are people that sometimes make him cry. Isha is one of the survivors that tends to mock him and make him cry, which makes Reuben dislike her.


  • His favorite type of tree is the Hazel.
  • Reuben's surname is White, but he can't remember that for some unknown reason.
  • Reuben can't actually eat like normal people do due to lacking a head.
  • It is still unknown how he can eat, but no one asks questions.
  • He sometimes calls the other hunter's "mom" or "dad". The one he calls "mom" the most is Arania.
  • Since Hugo doesn't let him play with Connie most of the times, he uses his protectors (the girl hunters) as his way to "blackmail" Hugo so that he can play with Connie.
  • Jake was the one who painted his eyes on the sack, he was told to make them as simple as possible. On the other hand, Arania was the one who sew his mouth.
  • It is unknown how does Reuben express his emotions with his eyes and mouth, when they're supposedly paint and stitches.
  • Arania makes almost all of his clothing. He sometimes even asks her to make some dresses for him since he finds them cute.
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