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Richard is a tall hulking young man (like you're everyday football jock) with fair skin, short dusty blonde hair, blue eyes, a faint beard and wears jeans caterpillar boots bike goggles a black fingerless glove and a long sleeved motocross shirt but it's actually variable.


Richard is determined, overprotective, handy, skilled, caring, loving, kind, athletic, fatherly, humble, modest, brotherly, and resourceful while the rest of his personality is variable due to his disorder.

Interest & Hobbies

Like his father Richard always had an interest in motocross racing course his mother would question him about it from time to time but he never argued with her about it, he also likes to fix things be it cars, motorcycles, or small things like cameras or whatever he'll fix them up in snap or upgrade them, just don't ask him to help with relationships.



Richard is the son of Chuck Greene and Stacy Forsythe he's also Katey's older brother and although its took some time the family eventually got back together.


Richard is currently in a relationship with Catherine Simmons at first he was concerned about this due to his multiple personality disorder but after some convincing and a chat with his friends and family he managed to push his worry's aside and went through with it but to avoid suspicion from her father and Carla the two have to keep their relationship secret with a few people only knowing about it.




Richard has a multiple personality disorder that only his family and friends know about plus each personality is based on various versions of his dad, this includes the Psychopath (Dead Rising 2 Off the Record), the Mob Boss (Dead Rising 3), and the humble and modest but also kind and caring plus protective father who wants what's best for his family Katey included ( Dead Rising 2/Canon Chuck Greene) plus a few other personalities. However unlike the normal multiple personality disorder, that everyone is familiar with, Richard's personality isn't the only thing that changes his appearance does as well.

Out of all the personalities his most dangerous one would be the psychopath.

Aside from his friends and family Richard has no one else to help with his multiple personality disorder he even tried asking Mike if his family found a new therapist to help his father Michael and see if their's help him since the original one died.

It's unknown what activates his personalities and causes them to take over his mind and body but rumors speculate that they activate when witnessing a traumatic event or a near death experience but the rumors were debunked years after the Los Perdios Outbreak giving the impression that they show up randomly.

Richard has part time jobs as a Handyman and a mechanic.

Richard is also inspired by Kevin Wendell Crumb from the movies Split and Glass.


Quotation1.png Hey you get the Hell away from my Bike! Quotation2.png
Richard quoting his father's Psychopath counterpart from Off the Record while also under control by his Psychopath personality
Quotation1.png Dylan West? Long time no see pal Quotation2.png
Richard and Dylan Reunion
Quotation1.png Katey don't sneak up on me like that, for you almost caused one of my personalities to surface Quotation2.png
Richard after his sister accidentally sneaks up on him