Appearance Edit

Richard is a tall hulking muscular broad shouldered(like you're everyday football jock) with fair skin, light brown hair, blue eyes, a faint beard and wears blue jeans tennis shoes and clothes similar to his father's.

Personality Edit

Richard is determined, overprotective, handy, skilled, caring, loving, kind, athletic, fatherly, resourceful while the rest of his personality is to himself.

Interest & Hobbies Edit

Like his father Richard always had an interest in motocross racing course his mother would question him about it from time to time but he never argued with her about it, he also likes to fix things be it cars, motorcycles, or small things like cameras or whatever he'll fix them up in snap or upgrade them, just don't ask him to help with relationships.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Richard is the son of Chuck Greene and Stacy Forsythe he's also Katey's older brother and although its took some time the family got back together.

Romance Edit

Richard is single at the moment.

Friends Edit


Trivia Edit

Richard has a split personality disorder that only his family and friends know about plus each personality is based on various versions of his dad, however unlike the normal split personality disorder, that everyone is familiar with, Richard's personality isn't the only thing that changes his appearance does as well.

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