Quotation1 Well! I think you are interesting...Well I guess I love to..Be your friend Quotation2
Rinchi-chan to Nathan
Gaming Series of Origins Yandere Simulator
Gaming Parentage Duahgter of Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada and the Grandaughter of Rhyoba Aishi.
Age 16..
Pet(s) I have a cat once but my mom shove him away because Dad is allergic to cats.
Alignment Protagonist Villain
Roommate (Vacant)
Victorious Moments I love to socialize other classmate and my Senseis. I also stalk the Nivans sisters..Reminds me of Inkyu and Sakyu Basu.
Knock Out! Moments I am the weakest among the Aishi ancesrty.It's hard to accept it!
Favored School Subject I love Qoutetology and P.G..It promotes me!
Least Favored School Subject Sciece..I hate the teacher that's all!
Allies I have Roxy-chan and Nathan-Senpai.
Nemeses I dont care about them..I just ignore them.
Favorite Food I love Mochi cakes and some hot ramen.I also love Pocky.
Favorite Beverage I love milkshakes
 Rinchi Yamada is the child of Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada. 


Rinchi has a low posibility that she will be the Yandere.She seems calm and kind especially to her Senpai.Rinchi was loving daughter and sister. One negative presonality has Rinchi does is being a stalker..She stalks people who is a monster rumor. Such as Calliope is rumored Succubus nad Marcy was rumored as a Werecat.


Rinchi has all of her parent's feature,her hair was a  black curly pigtails,a fair skin and a red eyes.She wore the uniform of Akademi High execpt for her black leggings.



She is her father's favourite among her siblings due to her innocent persona.Which one of her siblings was jealous.She is also Rhyoba's favourite granduaghter due to her cuteness.She has sister named Tara Yamada.


She loves socializing with other students and she has 2 bestfriends.


She has a cat before but instead of being killed.Ayano shoved her pet away due to Taro's cat allergy.


Rinchi was ignoring them.


Her Senpai was still unknown.


  • Rin is a japanese word of Cold while Chi is the Japanese word of Blood.
  • Rinchi has a simmilar activity of Oka Ruto, which stalks the 2 person.
  • Her favourite club is Cooking Club.
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