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Ritcher's threat after giving Evelynn Paranoia

Richard Maxwell Withers is the younger brother of Leslie Withers who is the patient of the Beacon Mental Hospital.



Ritcher was mischievous and a bit crazy which making students feel weird whenever they are around him, making rumored that he belong to a cult. However when you personally know Ritcher he is actually loyal but tends to be depent if someone he knows was emotionally attatched.


Like Leslie, he suffered Albinism,which the reason he has pale skin and white hair but unlike Leslie, he has red eyes.

He wore a red stripped turtle necksweater, a pair of brown slacks and some red sneakers to pair with his sweater.



Before his Family got murdered, Leslie and Ritcher are very close, they had many adventures which them unbreakable.Leslie loved him so much. When his Family got murdered infront of them, they got seperated which leads to his childhood depression. He lived orphanage for 5 years and Luckily adopted by a Couple who owned a company.Which Ritcher was happy about it but he always missed his one and only brother who always with him during adventures..


He is really close to Tyler Nivans which began to get Ritcher emotionally attatch to him making them two mistaken as a couple


He had a toad named Ruvik.


Due to his creepy demeanor, he was feared by some people including Evelynn whom he victimize with his twisted pranks on her.


He had a crush on Bridgette Stryker .


  • He is the shortest male student of Draculaura.Clawd's OC.
  • Ritcher is Asthmatic which made him unable to join any physical activities.
  • Ritcher once acting like a harming ghost to scare freshman back then and this leads him to 1 week detention afterwards.
  • He is a bit inspired by Souchi from the Junji Ito Series.