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Ritcher to Gou

 Richard Mxawell Withers is the younger brother of Leslie Withers who is the patient of the Beacon Mental Hospital.



Ritcher was very dependent to Farah, he's always with her when ever she goes but Farah doesn't care as long as Ritcher was not in harm..He is also kind in any animals he even wants to own a real bunny and \knowledgable due to his passion in books.He is not only dependent to Farah but he can't live without his stuffed toy named Bunny. He is also short-tempered but only when mentioning or facing bullies.


Like Leslie, he suffered Albinism,which the reason he has pale skin and white hair but unlike the other albino person, he didn't have red eyes but he suffered Heterochromia iridum which is the discoloraton of the lens, he had light blue on the left and indigo on the right..


Books-Ritcher loves books, he usually spent his time at the library.His favourites are Hisotry and Old classic fairytales like Grimms and Andersens..

Stuffed Toys- He is known to his love on any forms of stuffed toys but his only favourite was his Bunny that he had since childhood..

Sweets- Ritcher was sweet toothed. He loves asking Calliope about making his Strawberry Shortcake which was his favourite pastry and sometimes he used his money to buy candies at the Near candy store..



Before his Family got murdered, Leslie and Ritcher are very close, they had many adventures which them unbreakable.Leslie loved him so much. When his Family got murdered infront of them, they got seperated which leads to his childhood depression. He lived orphanage for 5 years and Luckily adopted by a Couple who owned a company.Which Ritcher was happy about it but he always missed his one and only brother who always with him during adventures..


He is really close to Farah Morrison which he sees her as his sister figure to him.


He consider his Toy bunny as his pet..


Due to his disorders..He is unavoidable to the School Bullies but since Farah was there he felt safe around her..


Ritcher has a shyness when it comes to talk to other  girls..


  • Ritcher has a resemblance to Kanato Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers due to thier love of sweets and dependent to their stuffed toy.
  • Ritcher has a personality disorder which is DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder) and a speech disorder called Stuttering .
  • He is the shortest among DC's Boy OC..
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