Quotation1 I'm not a musician anymore those days are over Quotation2
Robbie on his previous occupations

Robbie Pendleton is the son of Silent Hill Downpour's protagonist Murphy Pendleton he's a former illusionist, magician, musician, writer, and hypnotist turned Paranormal Investigator he's also the second Silent Hill student with Zak being the first at Game High.


Robbie is a good- natured, benevolent, noble, hardened, soft-spoken, mild-mannered, and even distant at times, blunt, shot tempered, he also has a tendency to think aloud or analyze things and talks when he wants, he's also prone to frustration, he also seems to be creative, imaginative, artistic, talented, skilled, and rather parental.

Physical Appearance

Robbie has medium-length brown hair asymmetrically parted in the middle and brown eyes. He has slight stubble and a bloody horizontal cut on his right upper cheek. And would become noticeably bloodier if injured enough. He also sports a light green buttoned-up over-shirt and a black undershirt with blue jeans and black shoes with a heavy belt to hold a flashlight. He also would wear a dark blue route 66 zip-up hoodie with a red undershirt and dark jeans.



After escaping Silent Hill, Murphy managed to start a new life in Santa Monica California, there Robbie was raised and born, while his mother was an ex politician turned lifeguard, giving Robbie both athletic and diplomatic skills.






Robbie is single.


Robbie is one of the members in Zak Grady's Paranormal investigation team and his job is to collect and write evidence down in his journal.

Like his father Robbie could transition between the otherworld and fog world when near or in water.



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