Quotation1 Man...Finn was so lucky to have his first car...But who cares! I am gonna borrow it! Quotation2

 Rosalie Ava Stryker was the 2nd child of Kurtis Stryker and the Younger sister of Finn Stryker and Older sister of Kami Stryker .



Robyn was a confident and playful girl , but before she became that, she was formelly a shy and secretive girl who hides her talent which she can dance, she secrets her talent because of the judgy people..Once she gain her confidence..She's now the girl free from her shell.After Revealing her talent, she became more socialble..


Robyn was quiet chubbier than Jiao.She has Blonde hair that cover eye at the left, pale skin and blue eyes..


Dancing- Robyn's special talent, the reason she gain confidence.She dance jazz and hip-hop...

Japanese Culture- Robyn was interested with Japanese Culture, she even wants to travell when she graduated College..



Robyn was a first daughter of Kurtis Stryker.Finn was her only close relative, they sometimes spent their time at Video Games, Playing Baseball and Swimming at thei swimming while when she's with Kami, their bonding are watching Animes and reading Manga on their Tablet..Robyn was also close to her father like Finn..


Since Robyn transferred here...She currently finding some real friends for her to accompany with..


She owned a Scottish Fold Cat, but she dyed it just to be diffrent..


She had no enemies yet..


Robyn has a crush on Lance Mercer ...But she mistakenly thought she's with Victoria Johnson .


  • Robyn's body was slightly inspired by Akidearest who is anime youtuber.
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