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Quotation1.png I-I am not one of your so called S-Saurian you said! I am a human before I became I reptilian. Quotation2.png
Rodolfo explaining to Kin about his origin

Rodolfo Diruse is the grandson of Luchino who is known as Evil Reptilian, a hunter from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.He is a co-president of the Science Club.



Rodolfo is some what gloomy and overworking young lizard, he is obsessed of proving the existence of researching about Yidhra's lore as well as human evolution which makes him studying about it for a long period which makes him an intelligent person.



Rodolfo has a reptilian genetics inherited from his ancestor, he had a darker green scales and a pale blue "underbelly" on his face, underarms ,chest and underneath his tail, he had a red hair that tied into a low ponytail using a blue scrunchie and a yellow reptile like eyes, he also has a long tongue and fangs as well.

Rodolfo wore a cream buttoned up shirt with red hemline that also has its button opened that revealed his Science Club shirt, a green pants that us folded and has no footwear due to his enormous feet.

He also comes up with a rectangular glasses, a Science Club Badge on his left chest, a club armband on his right, a sheath for his kukri and lastly he had an anklet on his right ankle.


Before his mutation, Luchino was married to his fellow scholar with one child, their relationship to each other seems to be healthy, one day after knowing his disappearance, his wife suffered with depression but she have to remain strong for her child since he was the only memory of Luchino.

Years passed by, the children grew which leads to them having a grandchild named Rodolfo who is a knowledgeable child like Luchino, he is also into herpetology because of this

When he became 14,, he became an apprentice of Thompson's great grandchild, who also helped him his research. Until one day, his Thompson's research was been redo once again.




His parents are supportive to him especially of him being an heir of their Manor, they also both supported and worried about his obsession of his reptiles because of how it disappeared Luchino because it might happen to their own child.


Charlie and him are close friends and they also enjoyed hanging out in the forest that is near to the school and lastly is Florencio was also one of his close friends because of how gentle demeanor that makes him liking his presence.


He didn't like having pets because he sees them as distraction.


He hated how sadistic is Xiao chen because of how sadistic she is to survivors especially to Pythia, once he gave his criticism about her play style, he got mocked by it instead resulted his hate towards to her.


Rodolfo disliked developing romantic relationship as he sees them as once again a distraction to his education and his current lifestyle.


  • Rodolfo always spent his time in the library during lunch.
  • His scales is always itchy when he is overly sweaty.
  • He always love to troll Pythia in match but he will not hurt her like Xiao did.
  • Rodolfo is currently researching about the successor of Yidhra.
  • He is immune to reptile and amphibian's venom
  • Like Luchino, he didn't trust Charles Darwin's Theory like how Luchino despise it.