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Roland is perceptive, heavy handed, brave, observant, friendly, bold, confident, task focused, clever, responsible, respectful, lawful, vigilant, hardened, independent, honest, resolve, intelligent, ghostly and selfless.

Physical Appearance Edit

For Roland's basic/physical appearance he has slightly pale skin grey eyes brown hair 5'0 clock shadow standing over 6ft tall with an average build plus tattoos on his arms, and wears his father's iconic clothes.

For his non- corporeal form his skin is deathly pale and ghostly with bullet wounds on his chest everything else is the same thing.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Roland is the son of Ronan O'Connor the detective/ghost from Murdered Soul Suspect.

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Abilities/Powers Edit

Weapon Mastery Edit

Roland is skilled with police firearms and handguns.

Hand to Hand combat Edit

Roland is adept in hand to hand combat.

Extrasensory Perception Edit

Roland could detect energy signatures.

Stealth Mastery Edit

Thanks to his ghost heritage Roland is a master of stealth.

Possession Edit

Roland could possess others where he could read the minds, access memories, control his host's body, and be invisible to demons.

Soul Manipulation Edit

Roland could interact with one's soul or the souls of others.

Teleportion Edit

Roland could teleport.

Exorcise Edit

Roland could exorcise demons and other spirits.

Immortality Edit

Another nod to his ghost heritage is that he cannot die.

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