Roslind Luma is the daughter of Rosalina, a character who appears in the Super Mario franchise. Unlike her mother, she couldn't care less about the lumas, and wishes they would leave her alone. She is a selfish and unconsderate person who is a fearless leader.

Rosalind Luma
Game Parent Super Mario Galaxy series.
Age 17
Alignment Deuteragonist
Roommate Marie Toadstool
Character Parent Rosalina
Victory Moments Probably when I sucsessfully manipulate my sla-I mean lumas to bring disorder to the halls of Game High.
K.O Moments When idiots say I'm enforcing luma neglect or something like that, which always ends in trouble for me.
Favorite Subject Advanced Magic Use
Least Favorite Subject Magical creature care
Quotes "I'm not here for your charity."
Victory Friends Ruthless 'Ruth' Dorth & Luna Twili


Simalar to her friend, Ruthless. Roslind is rude, blunt and incredibly selfish. However, unlike Ruthless, she is a bad apple who has been spoiled for most of her life. She has a passonate hate for lumas, and treats them as slaves, rather than pets.

Physical Apperance

Rosalind is slightly overweight, but her curves flatter her figure. She has long, flowy blonde hair and sparkly, seductive blue eyes. She wears a blue dress, and a black cardigan with starts stictched on.



Rosalind despises her family, particually the many lumas who have helped rase her. She had a terrible relationship with her mother, who disapproves of her chaotic ways.


Rosalind is best friends with Luna Twili and Ruthless Dorth. They are three misfits who enjoy each other's comapny. Rosalindwants to help coax Luna out of her shell (and cape) and embarce who she truly is. On the other hand, Rosalind and Ruthless have a love of distruction and chaos and they are responcible for a series of conspirices and dramas

She also has an average relationship with her roommate, Marie Toadstool.


Rosalind is supposed to be responcible for a series of lumas, but neglects them. However, she has taken a shine to a black and white luma she has named Courtney.


Rosalind is secretly interested in Morgan Ordon, but wouldn't dare act on her feelings, as he is the brother of her best friend.

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