Princess Rosalyn Galaxy of Galaxy
Gaming Series of Origins Mario series
Gaming Parentage My Mother,Princess Rosalina.
Age 17+
Pet(s) I have Luma named Starley
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Kinoko Toad
Victorious Moments I like protecting other planets
Knock Out! Moments Causing troubles
Favored School Subject Herology
Least Favored School Subject Gym. I get too much sweating.
Allies I don't have friends but Lumas are my best friends.
Nemeses N/A
Favorite Food Star Sugar Cookies. Yummy!
Favorite Beverage Blueberry juice.

Princess Rosalyn Galaxy of Galaxy or shorty know as Rosalyn Galaxy

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Rosalyn is very nice but doesn't speak Gamish language.

Appearance Edit

Rosalyn have platinum blonde hair just like her mother. Also blue eyes and pale skin. However,she covered eye in left bang. It's unknown reason how she get eye covered.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Rosalyn's Mother is Rosalina. She has also Luma named Starley

Friends Edit

Rosalyn doesn't have friends but Lumas are her best friends. Her good friend is Cerise

Enemies/Rival Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Rosalyn roommate is Kinoko Toad
  • Rosalyn can change form
  • Her region is Nintendo
  • It revealed left eye have gold pupil and black iris

Gallery Edit

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