Ruby Cooper
Nintendo Child Characters 003
Gaming Series of Origins Sly Cooper Series
Gaming Parentage Sly Cooper
Age 14
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Daria Miles
Victorious Moments Win my trophy i steal without getting caught by police.
Knock Out! Moments Be caught in jail is my worse nightmare because i don't want to get caught.
Favored School Subject Herology and gym
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology
Allies All good characters are my friends, Waluigen and Bunnito Same if they are antagonists.
Nemeses All bad characters are nemeses except Bunnito and Waluigen.
Favorite Food Vegetables soup.


Ruby is a friendly thief, who never go to stole her friends, she maybe lose it of her temper by moment like some others, and she like to play tricks on other thief like her father.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She wore a blue jacket and skirt with nothing in her feets, she also wear a hat like her father.



Daughter of Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox, she also have a lots of brothers and sisters maybe only 3 brothers and 3 sisters.


All protagonists are her friends, but she have two friends who are antagonists Waluigen and Bunnito.


All bad characters except Bunnito and Waluigen


She secretly dating Bunnito same if he's a antagonist and she's a protagonist, but they keep it secret because they don't want it to be revealed, so they are hiding their love, but they thik that secret will not be save longer but for the moment no one know about their relationship, because they keep it secret. Ruby briefly break up with Bunnito , because of peer pressure she was facing. But she later come back with Bunnito, considering him more important, then her status of protagonist.

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