Rufio's POVEdit

Shevion poked me with no reason."Ruffy!Is that true that you hit the B.O.W called Haos and falls to death and you ve been chase by a-"he paused when I cover his mouth "Dont ever said that in public....EVVVVVEEERRRRR"I hissed until all students watching us "OH man!Mind your own business"..So after that Shevs and I were at my dorm,"So here it 's when I was 16"


There was so many B.O.W in Mexico..The BSAA team was shooting some hoard of B.O.Ws and Zombies infront of them..Rufio sneakly escaped from the canal underground with a electrical shotgun to kill the big B.O.W..When he's on top of the clif,he try to shot the gigantic B.O.W and that time he finally killed it "I hit it,this is the first that I--"Rufio cut his sentence when the Utsanak suprised him"Expect for you"he countinue his cutted sentence and the B.O,W start to chase him"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"He screamed alloud,the one of their operative said"That voice was familliar"."I think it's your nephew,Piers"Chris replied so Piers ran as fast as he can to find his Immature and stubborn nephew"Rufio!,Rufio Nivans I am ser-"the sniper paused when he saw his nephew was tired from running"Oh dang it!Rufio!I told that you stay inside the cabin,Dang it!Next time listen what I say get it young man!"Piers scolded his nephew.So he nodded,the sniper laughed lightly and put his hand at his shoulder"I'll protect just like your father did to me when were young,Rufs"."Ok,sorry what I did"..

End of FlashbackEdit

"So...Your immatture when you are 16 huh?"."Yep,at the age of 17 my maturity improves because I listened his advice"I smiled "Wow really!My mom always treat me like a child"Shevion slapped his forehead until Dirk came inseide with a three bottle of red Faygo"Who wants some Faygo??"Dirk asked"Oh thanks Dirky Pirky"..


  • The flashback is based of the starting of HTTYD when Hiccup was being chased b a dragon.
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