Quotation1.png Finding success is like finding some rare minerals, it takes time to find it. Quotation2.png
Rupert's wise sayings

Rupert Campbell is the great grandson of Norton Campbell also known as the Prospector from Identity V, an asymmetrical survival horror game. He is a Crystal enthusiast who took a place to be the next Prospector.



Rupert inherit some of his great grandfather's personality, his willing to learn about everything (especially minerals and gems)and he is helpful to others. He is also a big wanderlust person because of how he loved to travel around especially caves where various minerals and gems are present.

He also can be clumsy and because of his clumsiness he tend to get in trouble like accidentally slipping Gabriella that resulted him having a bad bruise. Rupert is a bit shy on girls which is why he is having hard time finding one like how he interact to Pythia (before she ended with Kin).


Rupert got his great grandfather's appearance as well as his outfit slightly, she had a peach skin tone with a large birth mark on his right eye much like Norton's burn mark, she had a wood brown eyes and a black messy hair.

He wore an olive green buttoned shirt that has few buttons open leaving his black tank top slightly exposed it also has a black knife sheath on his shoulder ,he also has a leather brown suspenders that holds his compass and magnet with a fanny pack on the side of his hips, he wore a dark green jeans that is folded on the bottom to fit in his dirty green hiking shoes.

As for accessories, he wore his green checkered scarf, a black circular spectacles, some bandages on his forearm and shin.& some light green gloves.


After the mining incident, Norton began a new life as a family man after 20 years of working in the mines, however the incident still haunts him and this resulted his family leaving him behind and this make Norton began to have some self loathing.

As years past by, Rupert was born and shockingly having a large birth mark that resembles his grandfather's burn mark which is making both of his parents was a bit shock but they accepted him. One day when his father went to his job as a coal miner, he disappeared for weeks and then once they saw the news in their television, he died when the mine collapsed making both of them sad about it. Until to this day he is still devastated of his father's death. After his death, they are drown in debt.



He and his father has close bond and most of his childhood until his death in hi work, now he and his mother was closer since the incident.


He is having a hard time on making friends because of people's judgement however Apollo came as he offered him a seat in a cafeteria making their friendship developed after that. Apollo also introduced him to Yvonne who seems interested about befriending him as well but the only thing he disliked about her is her temper. Rupert met Clover on Survival Guide Class where they talk to each other about stuff happening in the manor and making fun hunters but this conversation leads them to detention.


He is not comfortable around Augustus because he knew something's fishy about him and then he discovered he had an unhealthy obsession with his former crush along with stealing a doll replica of her from the heir of the Oletous manor.


He had a bearded lizard named Luchino and a mole which is named after his great grandfather which his girlfriend discover during their picnic dates.


Rupert has several failed attempts of forming a relationships with girls such as Pythia and Willow, while he is searching for love, he is clueless about Cressida's feelings over him and now he noticed it resulting him and her forming a relationship.


  • Rupert has lucky charm he is been carried around which is a rare amber with a fossilized butterfly in it.
  • He named his lizard after Evil Reptilian's real name.
  • Rupert was often called as mole boy.
  • He loves to use magnet puns which anyone finds it annoying.
  • Rupert has a pyrophobia due to how it reminds of his father's demise
  • People said that he smelled like fresh soil.
  • Rupert dislikes Cemeteries.


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