Ruthless Dorth (Better known as Ruth) is the heavy-handed and stubborn-minded daughter of Ganondorth- the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda. She isn't really exisited to be the next Gerudo Queen of evil, but hasn't got any objections.

Ruthless Dorth
Game Parent Legend of Zelda
Age 17
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Luna Twili
Character Parent Ganondorth..the Dark Lord...Gerudo King of Evil..
Victory Moments When me and Luna get a really tough task done. Honestly? Its totally worth the work!
K.O Moments When people discriminate me because I'm "evil". Yes, I want to bring world distruction. But I don't make a biggy about it.
Favorite Subject Antagonism 101
Least Favorite Subject Horse Riding and Care.
Quotes "Being bad has never felt so good!"
Victory Friends Luna Twili and Roslind Luma


Ruthless is an unapologetic bully, she can be described as a thug, due to her love of violence. However, to her closest friends, she is very sweet and dedicated. She is a hard worker, she does not appreciate being left in the shadows. She however has a violent streak.

Physical Apperance

Ruthless takes the apperance of a female specimen of the Gerudo race, but with dark green skin, just like her father. She has scruffy ginger hair, which is in in a plat. She wears a green dress with some additional sewn-on bages. She wears a heavy amount of make up.



Ruthless doesn't see much of her family, and has been raised by some of her father's followers. She doesn't really see them as family.


Ruthless is best friends with her roommate, Luna Twili, and is very exsited to be working with her eventually in vilanous deeds. She also is friends with Roslind Luma, who shares Ruthless's views on rebellion and chaos.


Ruthless has a little pet piglet called Darling who accompanies Ruthless whereever she goes.


Ruthless is seen as a threat to people, so she has no interest in romance

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