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Ryan to Lucas Valentini

Ryan House is the genius son of Robert Edwin House or Mr. House for short and Jane from Fallout New Vegas he's the 2nd Fallout character and Game High's local engineer and inventor.

Physical Appearance

Ryan is a handsome young man of average height with fair skin black hair and goatee black eyes a muscular physique and dresses in formal clothes or normal clothes.


Ryan is stated to be charismatic, charming, caring, inventive, smart, intelligent, a genius, cocky, carefree, serious, handy, flirty, outgoing, brilliant, eccentric, brave determined, selfless, task focused, respectful, mature, he would often make self depreciating jokes/comments or cultural/movie references, serious, business savvy, and confident.



Before the war Robert House and Jane had a son named Ryan back during pre war times after a night of gambling, and boozing in one of Vegas's various casinos before sleeping together. When morning came Mr. House woke up with a major Hangover and little memory of last night events and Jane pregnant, when the news reached House he was horrified at it for he didn't believe himself to be father material but as the years came by he proved himself to be a good father to his son despite his schedule and Jane turned out to be good mother to her son.




Ryan enemies depends on who he hates or annoys him the most.


Ryan is single.


Ryan is slightly inspired by Tony Stark from Marvel.

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