Quotation1 They say water brings life, but mine will only bring you pain. Quotation2
Sagar fighting against Mik'tla

Sagar is the son of the edenian demigod Rain, a character from the Mortal Kombat series. He is Nyla's partner in crime, as well as a wanted rogue in Outworld.





Sagar is a really egocentric person, he knows he is a demigod and likes to be treated like one. He is narcissistic in many ways, thinking everyone should vow to him everytime and like him. Sagar won't tolerate anyone who speaks ill of him, or who talks to him in a really unrespectful manner. He is also a good manipulator, as shown with Maika, since he knows what people like to hear. He will do whatever he needs to do so that he can get everything favorable to him. Aside from that, Sagar is also really gloomy sometimes. He hasn't processed the fact his father dissappeared from his family.


In Game




Sagar was born as the son of the demi-god Rain and an edenian woman. Rain quickly left the woman in care of the small child, meaning that Sagar had absolute no contact with his father during childhood. He met his father once, and he describes it only as disappointing. His mother on the other side is a nice lady, sweet but completely devastated after the love of her life left her alone. Sagar does have a nice relationship with his mother, but decided to stop seeing her due to hiscriminal status.


Nyla and him have been partners since they were younger, both being born in Outworld and being from Edenian heritage. Their connection was quick and so, they started working as partners. Sagar guards her while Nyla steals things.




He used to date the edenian princess Lixue Kang, but after she realized he was just using her, they broke up. After a while, he met Erid Bourbon and decided to become her lover. Their relationship is kept secret due to his criminal status.


  • He has the title of demigod as his father.
  • Both Nyla and him are wanted rogue's in Outworld, they both cost $100,000.
  • He loves Erid's cooking, and is willing to eat it every single day.
  • Sagar secretly feels sad that his father doesn't see him worthy of being recognized as his son.
  • He has stated that Erid is the only earthrealmer that has his respect and love.
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