Quotation1 Girls? Pffftt!! They are nonsense ! Besides I am not like them who is being narcissistic and selfish! Quotation2
Sally to
Catherine Sally Birkin
20161229 213416
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil Series
Gaming Parentage The Younger of Sherry Birkin which is crappy!
Age 16
Pet(s) Pets are Pest!
Alignment Protagonist..Do I look like A villain to you butt?!
Roommate Cassia Redfield...Dear! Dear! Redfield!
Victorious Moments Every Fights...I always won the fight! My scars is a souvenir of my victory!
Knock Out! Moments When I put straight to detention is a real pissed off moments! My God! I hate Detentions..The longest is 4 days..That is a real crap!
Favored School Subject P.G is life!
Least Favored School Subject All Sybject execpt P.G!
Allies Dandora is my only ally...OH! And the rest of my gang!
Nemeses Any forms of Tresspassers..Even Teachers!
Favorite Food I love Steak and any forms of meat..
Favorite Beverage I like a Cola and Fruit-Flavoured Soda
 Sally Birkin is the younger sister of Sherry Birkin.She's the leader of a secret group of Deliquents!


Sally has a rebellious and tough personality.She will be prone to crime and fights because of her personality,mannerism leads to her to Gangstery!She is also a sharp tongue to others especially to Elza Tan


Sally has blonde hair,a pale skin and a narrow blue eyes..



Sherry and Sally had a complicated relationship,her older sister has a problem of her Sister's gangstery and obession of rule breaking mannerism..


She is befriended with her Roomate named Cassia Redfield which is mostly spending time with the Gameteria..She is also with her fellow Deliquent gang!She is also the close friend of Dandora ..


Marcy was her Arch-Nemesis.two things,Marcy's Father and Sally's used to be brother (Jake Muller) where enemies.


Sally was a Lesbian..She has a crush on Elza Tan, despite of her mean attitude to her she has 50% feelings on her..

Trivia Edit

  • She is a Tsundere..
  • Her theme song is Go Go Go .
  • She is the first Lesbian OC of Kyla..