Monica feels nervous about her salon until Leona and Chrissy came carrying some Salon Supplies."Hey Monics.Here's your supplies for the salon"the teenage blonde said"Oh thank you Lee and Chrissy"Monica hugged"I was nervous about my salon"Monica sighed"Dont worry Monics,It will be okay"Leona smiled."Yeah your right,Let's start to arrange this salon"Monica gets some broom,while Leona arranges the supplies and Chrissy was not helping because she's sleeping at the salon chair and Leona played a gunshot ringtone at her I-Psp,Nothing Happen,a teenage blonde began to shouted"WAKE UP REDFIELD!!!!!!!".Chrissy was awaken"I am awake,Oh sorry about that because*yawns*I was study the Herology lasst night so I slept at 12:30"Chrissy yawned"Duh!"Leona rolled her eyes because of anger"Hi!"a girl voiced said"Oh Ashlynn.What are thoose?"Leona pointed Ashlynn's box"Oh!Theese,some hair colors"Ashlynn smiled"Wow,Playsome!!"."Can I help?" Ashlynn asked""Sure thing"Leona said to the blonde"I cant wait for your salon opening Monics"Ashlynn said with an exictement.After cleaning and arrange the salon,They rested,"Wow that was tired but fun"Monica sighed"Yeah"Ashlynn sighed"Same here".

Monica opened the blinds until she saw many girls"I cant wait to go at Monica's Salon!!"A girl shouted"Uhm...Guys maybe we opened the salon"Monica Gulped.The girls opened the windows,on the lights and opened the door.The girls came inside."Wow nice Salon!"A girl said"Thanks Shevia"Monica smiled"No problem.Can I have a haircut?"Shevia asked"Sure"Monica replied.The Salon was finally opened.

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