Physical Appearance

Samuel is over 6ft tall with a gaunt face marred with scars and light five 'o clock shadow that well turn into a full beard as the years go by. He also has wild and unkempt black hair while also wearing a blue dress shirt with black tie and pants along with brown dress shoes. Or either a standard, yet weathered KCPD detective uniform consisting of a white shirt and pinstriped waistcoat, along with a matching loose tie. Around the buckle of his faded brown trousers are a multitude of pouches and clamps for various police gadgets, and he also wore a shoulder rig with a cross-draw holster for his sidearm. Samuel would even wear a faded trenchcoat sometimes.


Samuel is said to have the typical personality and mannerism of your classic noir detective where he's no nonsense, hard boiled,cynical, distant, sarcastic, task focused, perceptive, observant, cold, and a bit of a skeptic plus he's known to hold deep grudges against certain individuals but he's able to mellow out. But aside from all that he is shown to be very energetic, confident, idealistic, emotional, passionate, fearless, strong willed, selfless, caring, loving, enthusiastic, brotherly and real dedicated to his father's role.  



Samuel was born and raised in Krimson City alongside his family, and there he dedicated his life to them and the city, by helping the inhabitants out mostly as either a social worker, charity owner, or a simple volunteer and while the city would have it's ups and downs, he would pitch in whenever he can so doesn't neglect the folks or anything.


Samuel is friends with Detectives Lawrence Gumshoe, Roland ’O Connor, and Michael Payne. He is also close with Claude Oda and Claude's sister Gou Oda.




Samuel is single.


Samuel Castellanos is the first The Evil Within character made by Talltalesfan20.


Quotation1 Never lose of what's real or not because you'll find yourself loosing you're mind or worse your sanity Quotation2
Samuel's personal quote
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