Sarah J. Dyer (formerly Sarah Jane Jones) is the granddaughter of Emily Dyer, also known as Lydia Jones or Doctor, from the asymmetrical survival game Identity V.











Sarah has never been outspoken of her family due to their dark past in regards of Lydia/Emily. She only tells people that her parents are doctors that work as a neurosurgeon and a pediatrician respectively. Her relationship with them is unknown, but seems like a normal parent-daughter one.


Sarah gets along quite well with Felicia, to the point in which she wants to protect her from Riley. She also learned how to be a little bit more open thanks to her. That aside, she gets along quite well with most IDV offspring. She just doesn't consider everyone to be her friend.


Due to family history, she has certain tension going with Archie Riley. They despise being alongside the other and would kill eachother if they could.


Even though a doctor/patient relationship shouldn't go any further, Sarah couldn't help but fall for Oblio. She helped him, in the best way she could, to be a better version of himself. This eventually led them to becoming a couple.


  • Sarah's name is a reference to Sarah Jane Makin. A woman who was a TW!!/"baby farmer" alongside her husband.
  • Her last name used to be Jones, but she decided to change it to Dyer in honor of her grandmother.
  • She doesn't really like babies, or things related to pregnancy. Not because she despises them, but because she's scared of doing something like her grandmother once did.
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