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Seo-Jun talking to Hwa-Young

Seo-Jun Hak (학서준, Hak Seojun) is the younger sibling of Ji-Woon Hak, also known as The Trickster, the 23rd Killer from the survival game Dead by Daylight.



Seo-Jun is a moderately tall (1,82 cm) and thin (62kg) young man with Korean features. He has almond shaped eyes, a long medium nose and plump lips. He has wavy pink dyed hair with some blonde streaks on it, as well as some yellow color contacts on his eyes.

His clothing consists on a white T-shirt stained with some tw//blood, as well as a pink jacket with diamond pattern on the right side. He wears ripped black jeans, black converse tennis shoes and silver accessories such as earrings and rings.

He also tends to carry some of his blades around just for fun even though he isn't allowed to use them inside the school.


Seo-Jun is probably one of the most narcissistic people you will ever meet, he loves the attention and loves being praised. He knows he's cute and likes to take advantage of it for everything, which can also make him a good manipulator. Jun knows how to act a certain way in different situations thanks to his idol career since h doesn't want to commit the same mistakes that his older brother made.

When approached, Seo-Jun will act cute and kind as you would expect from an idol. It will be difficult for him to break his act unless something major happens, so he will continue to act extremely kind to everyone until he gets what he wants. On the other hand, he's also an extremely cold blooded killer that won't hesitate on destroying you if he thinks you're no worth.






Seo-Jun didn't really care about his parents and even thought they were extremely irrelevant. Unlike them, he has his brother's image on a pedestal and wants to be like him. Ji-Woon was his biggest inspiration in many aspects and he really waned to pursue his dream of being like him. Of course, he knows his brother's faults and vowed to become and even greater version of him to surpass Ji-Woon. He took him as a mentor and became his best duo, his partner in crime.






Due to his narcissistic nature, Seo-Jun isn't exactly interested in relationships but would definitely try to have one if it benefits him. He thinks he is too much for everyone to handle, yet he would certainly like someone who worships him.


  • Seo-Jun has a really beautiful singing voice as well as good dancing skills.
  • He tends to dye his hair in many different colors, but has know settled for one.
  • Seo-Jun likes really spicy food and doesn't like mild food, for he thinks it doesn't have a taste.
  • He used to live with his parents by the time Ji-Woon became an idol.
  • His original eye color is dark brown, his hair is of the same color.
  • Seo-Jun's appearance is heavily based on Yeonjun from TXT.
  • In his past, he was indeed part of a K-Pop group who had recently debuted, but due to "certain circumstances" it "disbanded".

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