Quotation1 Oh my sweet Senpai notice me for once! Quotation2
Shai Ruto
Gaming Series of Origins Yandere Simulator
Gaming Parentage Oka Ruto is my mum, unfortunately she couldn't hook up with Senpai, so my father is just a random person.
Age I'm 15 years old.
Pet(s) I don't really need a pet, so none.
Alignment Well it is said I am a rival to the main character, so bad, I guess.
Roommate Open up to a roomie, I'm hoping for someone fun!
Victorious Moments When I could successfully spy, on my Senpai.
Knock Out! Moments When someone discovers I was spying, I hate that I get detention for a week!
Favored School Subject Stealth 101, perfect practice for me to try to spy on people!
Least Favored School Subject Uh, I guess Antagonist 101, I consider my self on that side, but I'm no villain.
Allies Well I'm very much shy as my mom, so I don't have a freind.
Nemeses I guess the child of Yandere-Chan and Senpai.
Favorite Food Hmm I kind of like Soup, any kind really!
Favorite Beverage Any type of Tea espically Peppermint Tea!
Shai Ruto is the daughter of Oka Ruto from Yandere Simulator. Like her mother she is a bit of a stalker, espically on her senpai. Her alignment is bad, but she really doesn't consider herself a antagonist.
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