Shane Hampton is the son of Sean Hampton also known as the Sad Saint of the East End and the Asylum manager plus Skal from the game Vampyr he's a clergyman and a member of Zak's Paranormal Investigator team and the third Vampyr student to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Shane is a young man of average height and build with blue eyes pale skin brown hair and beard. He also wears a simple black shirt underneath a jacket with a cross hanging from his neck tennis shoes and a pair of pants.


Shane is an extremely helpful, empathetic young man. That cares for his friends and fellow human beings and tries to be there for them as best he can.This compassion extends to harmless scales. He's also very pious and believing. Shane is also said to be wise, patient, honest, modest, charitable, and humble.



Shane is the son of Sean Hampton his mother is unknown but other than that he's real close to them and he loves plus care for them dearly.


Shane is close friends with John Reid and Jacob McCullum he's also friends with his fellow paranormal investigators Zak Grady and Robbie Pendleton and really enjoy spending time with them all.




Shane is single.


Shane is the third member of Zak's Paranormal Investigator team.

While his dad was a skal before Johnathan chose to turn him into a Ekon, Shane didn't inherited his dad's supernatural inheritance making him human he did however inherit his dad's faith and his habit of breaking down and weeping when witnessing suffering and injustices earning him the nickname the Sad Saint/Clergyman of Game High.

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