Shevia Anita Alomar

Untitled drawing by pierre1987-d8a48n7
Character Profile
Game Parent Resident Evil 5
Age 15
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Jonas Stone
Character Parent Sheva Alomar
Victory Moments When i win by killing zombies like my mother.
K.O Moments people who think i don't have any talent for kill Zombies, that pissed me off.
Favourite Subject Protagonist 101 and Weaponology
Least Favourite Subject Dunno.
Qoutes "Take that you monster"
Victory Friends Anyone who are child character of Resident evil or Devil May Cry.

Shevia Alomar is the daugther of Sheva Alomar.


She's nice and friendly, but she lost a little bit of temper when she's angry. She love be with her friends and talking with them.

Physical descriptionEdit

Just like her she black hairs and dark skin, she wore purple shirt and gray pants with gray heels on her feets.


She's is voiced by Rihanna.



Shevia is the daughter of Sheva she want to be like her mother whe she grow up. She also have a little brother who is not in Game High yet. She also have a sister her name is Shinna.


She's is friends with anyone from the horror game serie of resident evil or Devil May cry.


She do not have pet she's allergic to animals.


Everyone who go to be the antagonists of her game.


She have a secret crush on Jonas Stone, but she won't tell him.


  • Her birthday is the 4 october


Shevia AlomarShevia Alomar pledge[[Untitled drawing by pierre1987-d8a48n7

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