Shevion Alomar
Shevion Alomar
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 5
Gaming Parentage Sheva Alomar
Age 13 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Bent Tortoise
Victorious Moments Win against the zombies and the antagonist of the game who want to destroy everythings on his or her way.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by all the monsters and main antagonists of the resident evil next generation.
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101 and Herology
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Allies Everyone in the residents evil game who are protagonists.
Nemeses all monsters and antagonists on the residents evil game are my enemies.
Favorite Food hamburgers and fries


He's very kind and friendly, he love helping people in need like some others students of the school, he's a little bit clumsy and unconscious, but will be there for everyone who will be his friends,

Physical DescriptionsEdit

he have dark skin like everyone in his family, he wear a purple sweater and black pants and have blue shoes, he have brown eyes and dark hairs.



He's the youngest child and only son of Sheva Alomar, he's the younger brother of Shevia and Shinna.


Every protagonists in the next generation resident evil game will be his friends, but he seem to have a lot of friends when he first arrive.


Like every protagonists of his game he will dislike zombies and others creatures, and also dislike Allie in the end of his game when his team will find her.


He seem to have a crush on Waluigen since his arrival, he find her tomboy style very funny.

He tried everytime to make his way to Waluigen, but didn't win tio make notice him, he do not lose hope one day he will finally talk to her like everyday. So he finally maybe get a little smile from her, but she is not very interested to him, he still thinking maybe one day it will be easy to make her see the light, because he really want to be with her.

He still crushing on Waluigen, he was thinking if someone had missing him during the christmas vacation, he was happy to see he was missing her a little bit, but seem he turn his feeling to Cherry Ann Moon, but only for find out she find him annoying, but the feeling is one sided.

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