Gaming Series of Origins Megaman X
Gaming Parentage I don't have parents,some humans do.
Age I have no idea,I don't have enough data on that.
Pet(s) I'm not allowed to adopt any of the Mechaniloids
Alignment Protagonist,but that could change at any moment...
Roommate (Open)
Victorious Moments Completing a mission with the highest rank is the best thing you can do.But I prefer to get a Hunter through the stage more.
Knock Out! Moments I hate failing.Period.
Favored School Subject That's a tough one.Uh..I dunno.*shrugs*
Least Favored School Subject Combat.I'm a Navigator,not a fighter.
Allies (TBA)
Nemeses I'd say Mavericks,but that's stereotypical.
Favorite Food I can't eat.
Favorite Beverage I can't drink either.


He may seem bland at first,but that's not even part of his coding.Siri's rather intelligent and prefers to keep things organized.He's also a bit of a neat freak due to this,almost obsessively straightening out things.So far only disorganized thing he doesn't care for is his own hair.Why is it lavender with differently colored streaks of hair?How unruly!Needless to say if you need help getting through something,Siri's the guy to see.He'd much rather be a Navigator than in action,but even Navigators get called upon to fill in for missing Hunters.He does take failing a mission to heart,everyone just wishes he didn't drown himself in E-Tanks sulking about it.Don't ask him why he doesn't have things on his chest or why he's not a girl,it's bad enough Zero has to put up with it.He's also got a penchant for figurines.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Siri looks like one of the rescueable Reploids,almost.The only difference being that he doesn't wear a helmet (usually) and he has a gem on his chest.If he does turn around,you can see something that looks like a bowtie on his back.He also has something that looks like a pair of headphones covering his ears.Also his hair,it's lavender with bright purple,yellow,auburn streaks.His eyes are also a green or teal color.In fact because of this,some students speculate Siri was built with parts of Spider and Cedar(a Reploid from the beginning of X7)



He's a Reploid,they don't exactly have family.The closest thing to family he has is the Hunters.




Like his bio says,he'd rather say Mavericks but chooses not to in order to not sound stereotypical.



Well it's more like armor persay,it's just like what his Physical Appearance describes.

Pledge DaysEdit


Player's BreakEdit



Siri's meant to be a sort of blend of both the Classic and X series.

Since he is a Navigator,who speaks almost in a dull tone,I though it would be nice to name him Siri for these reasons.

Siri is a unique case,since his hair is based off of Cedar's,(the guy from X7),however you could confuse it for Lumine,(one of the Mavericks?),from X8

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