-"Are you kidding me about girly stuff?"

Character Profile
Game Kingdom Hearts
Age 15
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate None but ask to first
Character Parent Sora
Victory Moments To being without Girly stuff and that's making very happy.
K.O Moments Girly stuff!? I want tomboyish!
Favourite Subject Weaponology.
Least Favourite Subject ◾Villianology. I don't like get trouble
Quote To find heart and Darkness is over
Victory Friends {{{friends}}}

Personality Edit

Skye being mistaked called Boy. Skye doesn't like girly stuff decided cutting her hair and dressed as Tomboyish.

Appearance Edit

Just like her Father,Skye has short brown spiky hair,blue eyes and peach skin. Hair supposed being to being long but cutting her hair.

Portrayer Edit

In English,Skye would be voiced Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Because both sound like boyish and more female appearance

Appearances in series Edit


Gallery Edit

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