Quotation1.png I will never be blinded by greed like my dad used to be when he was younger! Quotation2.png
Skye rejecting an offer to Gabriella

Skye Cloud is the second son of Grey Cloud also known as Nightwolf from the Mortal Kombat Franchise, he is chosen the future Nightwolf. He is also the older brother of the magician in training, Willow Cloud.



Skye was a wise and somewhat calm person, he can also be tolerant which reveals on how he react on Dirk's pranks on him which he admit he is annoyed about it but he will  knew Dirk will get bored of it eventually, he can also be passive-aggressive when he can't take it anymore . He is also  a caring and supportive brother to Willow. As a lover of Yvonne, he is very loyal and also submissive to her.

Skye can be worriful wherever he felt something bad is about to happen like Yvonne's disliked to Pythia's lover and he tried to convince her about it in case she will use her voodoo magic on him which he feared because she promised to use her magic for good.


He is somewhat has his father's resemblance, he had a short raven black hair, a tan skin and a wood brown eyes.Like Nightwolf, he also had a red paint underneath his eyes.

Skye's outfit is a combination of modern and traditional outfit, he wore a shirt with a tribal design on the chest area with a pair of olive green tribal vest with native american pattern, he also wore tawny brown pants with a sheath that has a mountain knife in it and a pair or black sneakers.

Skye has a tribal head piece, a dream catcher necklace and pair of tribal wristband.



After the events of MK11, Grey Cloud decide to start a new life with his lover whom he cherish for years. Years later, he had 3 children and one of them is Skye the second born, he and his brother had a close relationship as well as his sister Willow. However their brotherly bond ended once he became the chosen Nightwolf and he was shock because he thought it was his elder brother, then the reason is revealed that his heart was dedicate more to the Makota people than his brother who wanted to be a Nightwolf to boast. Blinded by rage, he attempted to eliminate him as he sneak to the tent where the tribe's relics was kept and luckily his friend saw restrained his brother after that he was banished by the tribal chief of the Makota. Skye was devastated of his brother's banishment and crime of attempted murder giving him some 2 years of nightmare.


He didn't much interacting with anyone however he do have a  close friendship with Joseph Ziegler who somewhat he love being his company of how nice he is to him since the first day and he also friends with Finn Stryker .


He had a hawk named Dakota which he found her with a broken when he was younger and now she became his loyal companion


He can't tolerate Lucas ' flirty acts on his lover and somewhat he ended physically hurting him on how he admit that he disliked hurting him because of how he breaks his own character a bit.


Skye was in a relationship with a voodoo witch named Yvonne Dorval , she rejected him at first in fear of being left due to her cursed blood but knowing he will be accepted on who she is, she accepted him which also ended of them in a healthy relationship


  • Skye had a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 2 years after his brother's attempted murder and disappearance.
  • He mistaken Florencio as Sindel's child.
  • Skye was skilled to technical works, and this skill was reference to Nightwolf on the Defenders of the Realm
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