Quotation1.png Hypocrites always gives me the bad taste on my tongue. Quotation2.png
Sora revealing his hatred over hypocrites

Sora (空) is the son of Fujin, the God of Winds, from the one of the most popular fighting franchise named Mortal Kombat.



Sora is a calm and friendly kind of a person who is constantly gentle towards people around him especially to his fellow young kombatants which often nicknamed as a mom because of that personality. He is also a pacifist when dealing with conflicts on his fellow students which Raijin doesn't like at all.

Despite of him having a calm demeanor, he shows a deep hatred towards to Shang Tsung even his relatives because of how he made him nearly an orphan all because of his father listening to his offer and once he faced one of his relatives he will show his bitterness towards them.

Sora is also open on what humans do such as looking at what they are doing in their daily basis or their lifestyle


Sora was a toned young man, he had a white wavy hair, a golden brown skin with massive scar behind his back and a glowing blue eyes.

Sora's outfit is some what inspired by Fujin's Armageddon appearance, he wore a red kimono like sleeve less top that has air like details, a cream belt that is designed with a golden lace around his hips, a cerulean poofy pants with golden pants chains on the hips and a black lace that reach to his knees and a light blue slip on with grey soles.

Sora has a 2 silver necklace, a silver earrings and some silver bracelets. Ha also has a white cloth around him which similar to Vale from Mobile Legends.


Sora was born after Fujin left the Sky Temple along with partner which is a fellow God like him to live in Earthrealm to be a beacon of hope of the Earthrealms forces, he was filled with unconditional love from both of them when he is born in the world, but everything has changed when his mother was disappeared after a mysterious messenger called her to go to the Heavens, this lost caused him to rebel his own father by going to the Netherrealm to find her but danger is the only thing that welcomed the young wind god instead of his lost mother.

After that incident, Sora was grew humbler like his father, he is now willing to protect Earthrealm at all cost like what his father did as well as his uncle.



Sora is family oriented person, he was close to his father ever since her mother disappeared for unknown circumstances (possibly she was killed or imprisoned in Netherrealm).He also had a little sister named Souta which he is very protective with and he is willing to give up his duties for her.


Sora was friends with some Young Kombatants in Game High, but she is mostly close around with Raijin which was his cousin and they are like two peas in a pod. Besides Raijin he is also friends wiith Lixue and Kung Huan.


He owned a flock of birds back in the White Lotus Temple, most of them are sparrows.


He had a deep hatred over any Shang Tsung's descendant even they are innocent but he knew they would inherit his footsteps.


Sora had a romantic relationship with a hunter's child name Ayi'ig, she is pretty possessive with him which he admit its okay as long as its not that excessive.


  • Sora (空) is a Japanese word that means "sky"t
  • Sora dislikes spicy foods, once he consumed one he would definitely teared up and shiver.
  • Fujin usually call him as his "little sparrow".
  • Like Raijin, he is pretty confused about the Earthrealmer's lingo.
  • Sora has a cat back then which Fujin let him adopt however it died of old age.


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