This is the official staffing list of Game High, as seen in Lissamel123's fanfiction Pixels and Polygons. All the staff volunteered to teach for their own reasons; though most will not tell why.

Remember that this, like the fic itself, is not part of Draculaura.clawd's official canon for Game High, only Lissa's interpertation.

Also you'll find some other students not made into official characters by Lissamel, some backgrounders, if you will.

Note: An official staffing list by Draculaura.clawd has recently been released. However, if you wish to use my staffing choices or original backgrounders for any of your fanfics, feel absolutely free. Frankly, I'd be flattered!


Other StudentsEdit

  • The Outfeilder (Son of The Batter) [OFF]
  • Raible (Daughter of Sable) [Animal Crossing]
  • William (Son of Maxwell) [Scribblenauts]
  • Georgia (Daughter of Hero) [Drawn to Life]
  • Kichiro Hinasaki (Son of Miku Hinasaki) [Fatal Frame]
  • Chucri (male), Chumee (female), Chuya (male), and Chulisa (female) (Children of, in order, Chuih, Chupea, Chubei, and Chubach) [ChuChu Rocket!]
  • Peregrine Lombardi (Son of Falco Lombardi) [Star Fox]
  • Cameron Snap (Daughter of Todd Snap) [Pokemon Snap]
  • Chiffon Plump (Daughter of Princess Plump) [Fat Princess]
  • Alois Fortesque (Son of Sir Daniel Fortesque) [MediEvil]
  • Ambros von Tökkentäkker (Son of Ludwig von Tökkentäkker) [CarnEvil]
  • Ammonia "Anne" Grimsley (Daughter of Bonehilda and The Grim Reaper) [The Sims]
  • Demerara Eclair (Daughter of Princess Eclair) [Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door]
  • Whosey Whatsit (Son of Mumbo Jumbo) [Banjo-Kazooie]
  • Sonny (Son of Rayman) [Rayman]
  • Hinata Tsukino (Daughter of Principal Sol) [Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times]
  • Hypercompetent Artificial Lifeform: Expendable model, 'HALE' (Androgynous 'child' of SHODAN) [System Shock]
  • Shasta (Daughter of Waluigi) [Super Mario Bros.]
  • The Jovial Hat Merchant, "Hattie" (Son of the Happy Mask Salesman) [The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask]
  • Gregory Templeton (Son of General Rat) [Puppeteer]
  • Ctrl (Son of Alt) [Pop 'n Music]
  • Burgundy White (Daughter of Redd White) [Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney]
  • Pendulum Pelican (Son of Cuckoo Condor) [Wario Land 4]
  • Jasper Batt III (Son of Jasper Batt Jr.) [No More Heroes II: Desperate Struggle]
  • "Meganekko-san", real name unknown (Daughter of Yandere-chan) [Yandere Simulator]
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